Exhibitions > Anna Tregurtha: Twin Snakes

“The digital pet is pure. Check your neopet into The Neolodge. Feed Shelby a little something. Sit poochi. Stay. Good boy. The digital pet can be hungry, yes, but can it feel it? The digital pet says it loves you, but can it remember who you are? A pet as an icon. An animal as a friendly face. Two snakes, linked together, slithering into your mouth. Down your throat. We love the digital pet because it is unassuming. We love it because we can ignore it’s needs. We love it because ten years later we can log on, and it’s still there, waiting for us.”

Anna Tregurtha is a video and installation artist living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Twin Snakes is Public Pool's inaugural show, and features two new videos from Tregurtha, as well as an interactive sculpture featuring "Shelby" a robotic clam toy from the early 2000s. Tregurtha's video P00chi_Babes is projected on the top of a hot tub and juxtaposes Tregurtha's poetic writing about the gendered nature of internet multi-level-marketing schemes with appropriated footage of robotic dog toys performing tricks. In the pool Tregurtha's video Shell-be plays, composed of clips from YouTube vlogs, German candy reviews, and a cross-country FaceTime call between her and Shelby. A large inflatable shell drifts through the pool, disrupting and distorting the video.

Documentation by Brennen Perry.