Exhibitions > Maddie Knight: Suspended Within the Wormhole, Indefintely

(we are all worms)
~A conglomeration of conjoined segments that function as a whole but are individual entities that if forced to could survive as separated fragments.
My skin
“And though after the worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God”
Job 19:26//Maddie 3:24
“…their flesh is food for worms; their form is wasted away…”
Psalm 49:14// Maddie 3:24
“In that place, worms never die, and the fire is never put out.”
Mark 9:44// Maddie 3:24
~Connecting fragments that are constantly changing
~Perception in constant flux
~Individual segments connected together but that could function as individuals
~Mirror forces viewer to enter piece, forced to look @ self when looking at object
~Distorted perception as viewer moves around piece
~Worms as parasitical objects/ideas in body that manipulate physical/psychological state
~Separation of physical body from fragmented projection of body
~Reflection tainted by inescapable parasites and poisons//disgusting and appealing
~Everything reflected in the mirrors “poisons” the work and makes it less pure- this is ok
~Proximity manipulates the image of viewer to self and others

Documentation by Brennen Perry.