Exhibitions > Floaters: A Group Show Curated by Sarah Coote

While the pool serves as the stand in for a vitreous body of the eyeball, inside is a collection of
works made in response to the condition- the condition of unpacking the things we don’t see,
choose to ignore and learned fears. These fears can stem from formative experiences
operating a body as a social being (see: Urban Dictionary: Floaters)

What is the experience of the floater? The things that have been forgotten - though exist in
one's mind. How do multiple floaters coexist in the same membrane?
Eight artists, Lana Licata, Jon Rehwoldt, Kate Poulos, Claire Kreuger, Philip Hinge, Malcolm
Peacock, Sarah Coote and Mike Linskie have been invited to create a piece that will exist the in
the pool, as a form or response to the “floater” - the eye (the pool) is the site, whatever they
made must exist inside.
Curated by Sarah Coote.

For reference: Eye floaters can be clumpy or stringy; light or dark...Floaters are able to catch and refract
light in ways that somewhat blur vision temporarily.Often they trick persons who are troubled by floaters
into thinking they see something out of the corner of their eye that really is not there.
(Wikipedia): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floater)

Documentation by Brennen Perry.