Exhibitions > Julie Weitz: Net Sirens

My Golem is an experimental art film and performance series by Julie Weitz that reimagines the Jewish myth of artificial intelligence as a contemporary female golem grappling with issues of anti-Semitism, gender inequality, xenophobia and digital culture. While golem literally means “shapeless mass” in Hebrew, Weitz's heroine is a modern multitasker who fearlessly jumps between cinematic, artistic and theatrical traditions including silent film, Yiddish theatre, surrealist film, feminist performance art, vaudeville, YouTube tutorials, slapstick comedy and drag. In September 2018 Weitz filmed sequences of My Golem at Public Pool gallery and exhibited a 3-channel video installation in and around the gallery’s pool.
The film features My Golem attempting to catch two sirens with her net as they surreptitiously lure her into a pool for a ritual cleanse. Hyperallergic featured the project in a preview about outdoor art spaces. Angella d’Avignon writes about My Golem, “Weitz slips into characters with wild neon outfits as a way to perform radical ideas about identity and gender”.
Curated by Sky Edenfield.

Documentation by Brennen Perry.