Exhibitions > Anna Breininger and Abbie Thigpen: Showcase

The Youtuber’s identity is constructed and dispersed through fragmented moments in time. The Vlog weaves the image of a life viewed through a screen. A carpet works to bring disparate threads together, patterned fragments dispersed through a space with uniting motifs. Anna Breininger and Abbie Thigpen both utilize highly gendered folk-art mediums to create bodies of work that exist as splintered screens to moments in time. The natural runs through both the artists’ works, a path of lemon tree carpets leading the viewer to a video where Thigpen eats an orange while on a car trip across the desert. In literal form, Breininger’s carpets are square and rectangular, just like the screens on which one views Thigpen’s videos. Public Pool presents Showcase, a merging and conversation between two artists separated by distance and medium, but who’s works weave together like pixels on a screen and fibers through a rug weave.
Curated by Anna Tregurtha.

Documentation by Brennen Perry.