Exhibitions > Hind Gallery Show Swap

Public Pool was originally inspired by the active community of alternative arts spaces created and run by artists in Richmond, Virginia. Artists frequently curate group or solo shows in underused or overlooked spaces throughout the city, from alleyways to Bus Depots. Hind Gallery is one such space, operated out of the backroom of an apartment in Richmond's Museum District neighborhood. To celebrate the collaborative and creative spirit of the alternative arts space, Public Pool and Hind participated in a show swap. The Richmond half of the show took place the night before the Los Angeles half and was curated by Anna Tregurtha. Hind Gallery's show featured digitally printed towels from artist Dakota Higgins and several Videos from Bristol Hayward Hughes.

Public Pool's show took place the next day and featured artwork from Richmond based artists: Hannah Balesi, Marge Herr, Kayla Kelly, Dylan Languell, Sam Mullany, Ricardo Vincent Jose Ruiz, Nor Sanchez, Emerson Tedder, Sandy Willims IV. Public Pool's show was curated by Payton Baril, director and chief curator of Hind Gallery.

Documentation by Brennen Perry and Payton Baril.