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Who is the Oracle? There is a reference to her name in the bible. The prophet Jonah will be killed by another person. The oracle will have to tell him his fate. The prophet Jonah said I am the oracle and Jonah will be the one who dies. And as you watch the video and read the scriptures, do you see why this is important to us.

God has declared in the Book of Isaiah, to His holy people:

But if my people should forsake me by disobedience, I will not listen or they shall see My face, and it shall then come to pass to them, that they shall fear Me, for of Me they shall no more see.

And you are invited. Are you comfortable to accept?

Public Pool is pleased to present the work of five LA artists for a one night event. Through video, poetry, and improvisation they collectively channel technology as the Great Oracle. Performances begin at sundown.

Featuring: M. James Becker, Brennen Perry, Gabe Pine, Anna Tregurtha, and Dajin Yoon.

Documentation by Brennen Perry.